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First of all, I have no issues with Idaho. Matter of fact, I have never even been to the state. However, if it were not for the hatred my friend Stanton developed for the state as he was stuck there for almost 2 years on a project, my first strong beer may not have been the same. I feel like every time I spoke with Stanton during his exile in Idaho, his "sentence" got longer. A few more weeks, a few more months...

One day when he was back for the weekend, we were discussing Strong Beer Month and how we hoped he would be back in time. I joked that by the time he got out of there, I could have my own strong beer ready to drink. But the joke turned into a plan and I decided my next beer would be something strong and offensive in honor of the miserable time Stanton spent in Idaho.

Originally the plan was to do a double IPA but I was really getting into drinking brown ales at the time, so I decided it may be a good idea to try out a little mash up. I wanted to combine the roasty maltiness of a strong brown ale, with the hoppiness of a west coast style IPA. After a little research and a visit to SF Brewcraft for some more advice, my recipe was complete.

Fuck Idaho is the first "High Gravity" beer I have brewed. "High Gravity" means an increase in the amount or weight of sugar - and more sugar translates to more alcohol when it comes to making beer. High Gravity beers also take much longer to mature. In this case, I aged Fuck Idaho brown ale for nearly 6 months in the keg.

I tapped the keg a couple weeks ago, and I have to say the results were pretty great. Fuck Idaho is strong (just over 8%) but balanced by a nice roasty and malty flavor with a strong but smooth hoppy finish. As for Stanton, he is back. He has not been up to try it yet, but I think it will help him forget his long project in Idaho pretty quickly.