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In Japan, 49 days after one dies, their loved ones bring their cremains to the gravesite. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful life - and one more Kumano was laid to rest.

After hearing prayer from a bald man in the burning sun over my father and my grandfather, we went to the annex (別館)to the main cemetary building where a private room was set up for a midday meal.

I wish I had photographed the barley tea that came in glass bottles, you know, like the ones that Coke used to come in.

The meal involved an array of sea creatures and local veggies. Not too heavy - it was just right for the mid afternoon. To me. My dad would've rather ordered a Big Mac and a side of fries. He hated kaiseki. Ha!

My baba-chan at the entrance of the annex room. 熊野 - That's Kumano (our last name)

The meal in its entirety.

My fear of snails prevented me from eating the little guy in the middle. I gave him to my grandma.


  • Yoko-sama,

    It brings me close to tears (actually, to tears), to read your comeback post in honor of your dad. As always, gorgeous pictures. We missed you.

    I’ll have a burger tonight for your pops! In-n-Out sounds perfect right about now.


    kayoko on

  • I work all day with digital camera advertising, yet still have not been convinced to part with my Nikon EM film SLR that my grandma gave me. That’s what I used for these photos.

    yoko on

  • your photographs are beautiful. are you using a digital camera? fantasic colors!

    erin on

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