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Hario Drip Pot

The day has come: my mother's horrible ABOMINATION of a coffee maker has finally broken down. YESSS! It shut down on her the other morning, which finally gave me a chance to break out the cute little Hario drip coffee maker that I bought in Japan last year. (I still perceive myself as a house guest in my parent's house, hence I never used it until now. Can't get too comfortable or I'll never move out!!).

Before I talk about the Hario, allow me to lament the dead coffee maker. This Cuisinart has been the ugliest, klunkiest eyesore that has taken up half the kitchen counter for the last two years. My darling brother got it for Hideko, and the sucker she is for her son, has refused to let me get rid of it for sentimental reasons. I mean COME ON, KEISUKE, WTF?!?!


Anyway, I'll never have to look at this again, thank god. Not only was it aesthetically displeasing, it wasn't even fully functional, as the grinder got soggy from the steam every time we used it.

No Function + No Form = Totally Useless.

I bought the Hario pot at LOFT, which is a fantastical superstore of home and lifestyle goods all over Japan. I'm not usually an impulse buyer, but when you're in a store like LOFT, you really just want to buy everything. Did I need a glass coffee maker for $40 to lug back with me to California?? ABSOLUTELY.

Hario Drip Pot

Living alone in Brooklyn, I was a fervent french press person for my coffee. Then I started coveting the Chemex, cause the thing is just so damn beautiful. But while skimming the coffee aisle at LOFT, I picked up this Hario "Drip Pot Woodneck." It looks almost exactly like the Chemex, except I was attracted to the reusable filter-thing. I am super lazy, so the thought of never having to buy coffee filters for this really scored points with me (filters are necessito for the Chemex).

Hario Drip Pot

Hario is a very well known glass-for-coffee company out of Japan, which is now making its way into the American market. Remember the Blue Bottle Music Video I made last year? We saw that they use Hario pots for their $20,000 machines too.

So just like any coffee drip method, you just add your coffee grinds directly into the filter, and slowly pour in hot water.

Hario Drip Pot

Hario Drip Pot

Hario Drip Pot

Et voila! That's IT! I love the french press, or these coffee drip things cause of the minimal effort involved (back to the lazy factor). Just boil water! The clunky coffee machines are so big and unnecessary, plus they make such unpalatable coffee.

Hario Drip Pot

Hario Drip Pot

I have to say that I have not had such an excellent morning cup of coffee in a very long time. This Hario coffee maker was definitely worth bringing back from Japan. SCORE!! Looks like Americans can now buy one here. Lucky you!

*Kayoko currently resides with her parents in Cupertino, CA, where she eats all their food, drinks all their beer, and watches an obscene amount of television on their flatsceen. She promises to move out by February 2010.


  • Jerkey- I admit that this Hario is a pain to clean. I've gotta take the wood and leather pieces off, plus the entire time I'm washing it, I'm super self-conscious of dropping and breaking the glass. Totally inevitable, the klutzo that I am.

    Otherwise, I love it, and it makes a damn incredible cup of coffee. A gajillion times better than the Cuisinart, FOSHO.

    kayoko on

  • You haven't seen my mother's coffee pot. You know … they're really easy to clean!

    The Jerkey on

  • This is a great ancient way to brew filtered coffee with lots of flavour. The most important thing to remember here after washing the cloth is to store it in the fridge after each use so it stays nice and clean for the next brew time.

    woodneck on

  • Is the filter washable and where can I buy one.

    Adina Mudd on

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