Every summer I come home and spend a couple weeks with my family in Northern California, in Sonoma County. My parents have a lovely little cabin in the woods and I always look forward to cooking for everyone with things we've picked in the garden.

A few nights ago, we had 8 people for dinner to celebrate my aunt's birthday. It was a nice evening so we sat out on the patio by the little coy pond. I made a enchilada casserole packed with yellow squash, arugula and green onions from the garden. It had a corn bread crust and layers of corn tortillas, soy chorizo, cheddar cheese, thinly sliced tofu and TONS of tomatillo salsa. Our neighbor grew all the tomatillos and I whirred them up with a bunch of the cilantro and green onions my mom grew to make a tasty sauce that was both baked into the casserole and poured over the top. We made a salad with all my mom's greens and the neighbor's red and yellow tomatoes (ours aren't ready yet).

Plums are a-plenty around here these days. My brother picked 2 big bags full at his friend's house and we're trying to incorporate them into every meal! (We found that double cream brie atop sliced plums is really good). I made a chocolate plum birthday cake for Aunt Mo with warm chocolate plum sauce poured over the top.

Here's a little video about our evening....

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  • omg i love this! such a gorgeous, plentiful garden. beautiful plums! i miss the Gleesons.

    kayoko on

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