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Over the weekend, 3 friends and I went to stay for a night on Garden of Eve Farm, an organic farm on eastern Long Island in Riverhead, near the Hamptons. Two hours from the city, you'll find a beautiful piece of property right on the Long Island Sound run by a lovely farmer named Eve who sells her produce in Brooklyn and all over the northeast. In exchange for volunteering on the farm, you can stay in the farmhouse for free. We planted seeds, gathered eggs, moved bails of hay and fed baby turkeys. Even though I grew up in rural Sonoma County, it's nice to get a visual reminder of where my food comes from and the process people go through to get it to me. Apart from the fairly dirty farmhouse that houses all volunteers and interns, it was a beautiful experience that I'd highly recommend.

Josh on the tractor in an Hermes scarf and Oakland A's cap.

Josh, Stephen and Louis planting flower seeds which will later be turned into bouquets that are sold with CSA packages. We spent the morning planting sunflowers and zinnias. The farm also grows edible flowers.

The farmstand:

The beach is about a 20 minute walk from the farm stand, at the end of the property.

Feeding the baby turkeys:

Josh holding one of the baby turkeys.

The goats on the farm are really just pets. Garden of Eve doesn't have the proper licensing to be able to slaughter and sell organic meat so they focus mostly on eggs, flowers and produce.

We picked Strawberries for breakfast

Garden of Eve Farm
PO Box 216
New York, 11931
T: 631.523.6608


  • gorgeous!!! would love to come with you next time!

    kayoko on

  • WOW this looks like a totally amazing opportunity!

    ayagwa on

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