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Jenny's friend Pamela, who came on the Umamiventure, told me about this special bread from the Arcangeli Grocery in Pescadero. "Downtown" Pescadero really only consists of one main street called Stage Road. Drive down towards the end and you'll run into this cute little grocer that sells wines, meats and produce.

We picked up the bread and it was still warm!!!


Check out the huge chunks of artichoke baked right into the loaf!


The bread was soft and fluffy and the tart from the artichoke was perfect. Pamela said she drives all the way from San Francisco (about and hour drive) to get this bread. I'd say it's worth the drive- it's really unique, there's nothing out there like it!

On our way back, we took the back roads and drove all the way down Stage Road. Lots of hills and expansive greenery, it was a lovely drive. There were these awesome copper statues that were outside this one house. Check out this gun-toting skeleton- how badass is this??


287 Stage Road
Pescadero, CA
T: 650.879.0147



  • Thanks for picking up a loaf of artichoke bread for my mom and Lakshman. They LOVED it. There was only a little bit left to nibble on when I went back to their house a day and a half after you gave them the loaf. It was my last meal in Cali! Weep, weep.

    yoko on

  • Seriously went through withdrawl after you left Yoko! Get your ass back here ASAP!

    kayoko on

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