Anniversary Sale

Roach's dad sent her a box of these gorgeous "Royal Riviera Pears" which can be ordered online here. They are absolutely the sweetest pears I've ever had- juicy, silky, delicious. We think they are from Oregon.

Mel was kind enough to give me three! We just can't get enough. Each pear have their own unique shape- no two are exactly alike. One is your regular Andy Pipkin- chubby and stout, another is all curves-- the perfect 34-24-36. They are beautiful!

Aya just ordered a box for her bf's parents. The perfect gift!


  • my parents just randomly recieved a box of the pears as gifts in Cali. apparently they are all the rage among Japanese foodies. who knew!

    kayoko on

  • Let’s hope so… I arrived and in the fridge was already a huge carton of pears in the fridge that they’d gotten at COSTCO’s. (COSTCO pears were kinda hard and not so good.) Royal Rivieras are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, so we’ll see if they live up…

    ayagwa on

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