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Went to this awesome event the other night for SF Cocktail Week, a free gin tasting event for the ladies. Only. I didn't know quite what to expect from the event, but it turned out to be a fantastic night filled with awesome cocktails and meeting new folks. And getting wasted. All for free! SWEET!

I mostly went to try to regain an appreciation for gin. I hadn't touched gin in years- I had a bad night once when I got super violent and I blamed it on the gin. It couldn't have possibly been anything else, could it? Course not.

Held at Conduit, a hip restaurant/bar, the floor showcased three tables of different gins to try neat. Behind the bar were several hot ladies and gents mixing cocktails- they were some of the country's best mixologists, and they never once stopped pouring drinks.

Embarrassingly enough, it seems that I have lost all my notes from the evening- all the cocktail names and the ingredients. The good blogger in me took notes; the drunk in me lost them. You'll just have to bear with me. One thing is certain: all of the drinks have gin in it. Got it?

Damrak gin, from the Netherlands.

Beefeater 24. A new gin using herbs and tea leaves in the distillation process.

Right Gin, from Sweden.

Bols Genever from Amsterdam. Gin evolved from Genever which was the original spirit distilled by the Dutch that was turned into gin by the Brits. This was smooth, almost whiskey-like. Also reminiscent of grain alcohol.

Basil Gimlet.

The Poisoned Rose, mixed by Charlotte Voisey, National Brand Ambassador for Hendrick’s Gin National. Imagine being the brand ambassador for something.

A dab of sparkling gold powder in the rose petal. Gorgeous!

Ingredients for the Poisoned Rose.

Cocktail of Champagne, cucumbers, lemon juice and these seaweed like green things.

One of my favorite cocktails of the night- Dragon Lady, I think it was called. Gin, vermouth and a few drops of concentrated thai chili liquid (what is that word????? Emulsion?).

No idea what this is.

Muddled strawberry and gin.

I remember thinking this drink was weird cause of the flannel gray color. I believe it had some sort of lavendar in it.

Another favorite of the evening: strawberry cocktail with fresh ground pepper. The spiciness from the pepper was super subtle, but just enough to recognize it's there.

Before the bar got crowded. My new friend Tara and I held it down here for a good hour.

Ladies getting to know each other. Somehow, in the absence of men, it was easier to talk to strangers. Riddle me that.

All in all, I am definitely getting an appreciation for gin again- although I may always mentally attach a stigma to it. But it certainly is a versatile liquor, if you just look at all the cocktails I had during the night. Wow.

Thanks SF Cocktail Week for organizing such a great event!


  • Although I wrote last week that I wasn’t going to do a Margarita, for you I’ll go back on my word. So I’ll share a standard margarita recipe, and I’ll also make a Pomegranate-Blueberry Margarita, in addition to the original tequila cocktail I was going to feature this week, called Midnight in Mexico.

    Stay tuned!

    Paystyle on

  • Post was dedicated to you, Pay!

    Could you finish off Tequila month with a classic margarita???

    kayoko on

  • I’m glad you’re giving gin another shot. You know, there are more cocktail recipes made with gin than any other spirit, especially when you consider the classic cocktail recipes, which gin dominated hands down.

    I’m glad you did this post and enjoyed reading it. I was planning on making June gin month, and writing about a different style/variation of gin each week (old tom, sloe gin, genever, london dry) and this makes it a great intro!

    Paystyle on

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