Sake Gumi
Chinese Bootlegger Punch

Umamimart's very own Paystyle and his wife Vanessa are off to New Orleans today for Tales of the Cocktail! This is absolutely THE most anticipated week of the year for bar chef/ booze-heads, jam-packed with galas, parties, cocktail-offs, and seminars ("Umami in Cocktails" on Thursday afternoon, anyone?).

Lest we forget that Paystyle's Chinese Bootlegger's Punch (aka Eye of the Sauron) has made it into the final round in a competition on Thursday. Let's all wish him our very best. Maybe he should show up dressed up as Frodo, to lighten the mood?

Pay will be blogging live from New Orleans on behalf of Umamimart, and Vanessa will be taking pictures. Hopefully, they will be dispatching daily, in between drunken escapades and luxurious eats. Follow @Paystyle for REALTIME updates.

This is REALLY EXCITING for Paystyle. Stay tuned, ya'll!