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Golden Egg Eggplants

Got these adorable little eggplants the other day at the farmer's market. They are about as long as the iPhone (per Yamahomo's consistent size proportionalizer), and look like cute chubby nubs.

The color is, as its namesake describes, golden with dark brown streaks running up its skin. I have found little about them on the I N T E R N E T, and when I asked the vendor what they tasted like, she simply responded, "Like eggplant, but more intense."

I cut them open- they were ripe and reminded me a little of the inside of a melon.

Golden Egg Eggplant

I roasted them in the oven for 30 minutes on 400. When I bit into it, the skin was super tough, yet sweet. It did taste like a hyped-up version of eggplant, so maybe the girl was right in calling it "intense." If anyone has any ideas as to how to maximize the flavors golden egg, please comment!


  • These are Vietnamese eggplant called ca phao. They’re delicious as pickles in sandwiches or stewed in curry sauce.

    jackie on

  • Wanted to see if anyone had ever had seen or had grown eggplant that had a gold color to them, now that I see the post that they are VietNam type, I think they turn gold because of excess heat, this summer it’s been extra hot, I know that the skin is tough the tomato’s have tough skin when the season is hot…….

    Ralph on

  • I should hope you saved seed! I know this is a really really old post. Any way, I am about to get some seeds for them and hope to make good recipes with them!

    Angie on

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