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Although my stomach was feeling weird, it didn't stop me from my Friday night Half-Price Sushi ritual.

I got to the store around 20:00, which is well after the markdown at 19:00. But there were still some varieties of sushi left. Something drew me to the beautiful cubes of maguro. Mmm. Marked down from 580 yen, these jewels of succulence cost me only 290 yen.

(I flipped the images this time.)

The color was not blinding or artificially bright red and there was a good amount of texture to the tuna meat itself.

One thing that has changed since I moved to Japan, is how I eat my sushi and sashimi. I do not mix my wasabi in my soy sauce. Instead, I dab some on the side of the soy sauce plate or directly on top of the fish meat and then dip it into the soy sauce (like above picture).

I would get sideways glances from people when I would do the mixing thing. I don't know if it's just a Tokyo thing, but it seems to be a faux pas. What's everyone's take on this?


  • Actually, because the US dollar is so weak right now, 290 yen is about $3.15.

    Yeah, soy sauce is usually poured in puddles in Japan, not lakes.

    yoko on

  • Dude, all that fresh maguro for barely 300 Yen? What is that like $1USD right now Good work!

    I will ask my dad about this wasabi rule history, but yes, wasabi stirred into soy sauce is SUPER AMERICANO. Oh my god and it’s even worse taboo when you fill up the little soy sauce plate to the brim. No no no.

    kayoko on

  • Ok my parents verify that for sashimi, wasabi mixed in with soysauce is totally kosher and normal.

    However, because there is wasabi already added in nigiri sushi, adding wasabi to soy sauce for this is totally not ok.

    kayoko on

  • um, i’m so good at calculating currency, right???

    kayoko on

  • Wow, very good to hear this from the masters. This makes a lot of sense.

    yoko on

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