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This week we're going to have a little fun during Happy Hour as we set aside the history lessons and cocktail lore, along with all notions of cocktail purism and snobbery, to indulge in a little cocktail hedonism. For those who gave up chocolate for Lent, you can take pride in your perseverance, for this should be a special treat for you. And even if your moral compass has been discarded long ago, today's cocktail should still be indulgent enough to make you feel at least a little guilty. Today I'm sharing with you a devilish combo of chocolate and heat which I call Chocolate Chipotle Chicanery.

Here's the how-to:

Chocolate Chipotle Chicanery
1 oz. chile pepper-infused vodka
2 oz. creme de cacao
1 oz. chocolate cream liqueur (I used E&J Cask & Cream Chocolate Temptation)
1 tsp. chipotle adobo sauce (sauce from canned chipotles)
Chocolate powder for rimming

Tools: shaker, strainer
Glass: cocktail

Moisten the rim of a chilled cocktail glass and dip in chocolate powder. Place all ingredients along with ice in cocktail shaker and shake until your hand is numb from frostbite. Strain into glass and enjoy.

I should offer a word of caution for those who can't take the heat (don't worry, you can stay in the kitchen): this cocktail has a strong kick of heat from the infused vodka and chipotle, which is how I prefer it, but if you're averse to such heat then simply tone down the amount of chipotle you use, or just use plain non-infused vodka instead.

So you're probably asking, "what's so chicanerous about this drink?" In short, nothing--at least not upon a superficial glance. However, it is more than just a catchy sounding name. To be sure, the drink itself is not the essence of chicanery as it is the conduit of it. In other words, it is the begetter of bad behavior for those who select to savoringly sip this sinningly sweet and seductive spirit.

Gentleman, take heed when tippling this tonic as it will only tempt total tomfoolery. Ladies, beware when boozing this baneful brew, as devilish debauchery will duly develop!

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Photography by Vanessa Bahmani.
Column: Happy Hour


  • I used to use chili powder in mine but chipotle sounds even better!

    For an extra kick, you should try mixing the rim with some hotness.

    Japhet Bower on

  • Chocolate and Chipotle sounds awesome. I have been really into things that are both sweet and hot lately.

    CJ on

  • Yeah it's really a different dimension of flavor once you add the smokiness of the chipotle, so that it's not merely hot & sweet, but smoky as well.

    I contemplated adding some cayenne pepper to the rim, which I've done on other cocktails. But trust me this one didn't need any more kick, since it had chipotle plus the chile pepper infused vodka.

    Paystyle on

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