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No Name Cocktail 

Last week I wrote a post on the CKTL Jam event that took place at the Astor Center in NY, and I promised that this week I would share the recipe for the second of the two improv cocktails I created, as soon as I figured out what to call it. 

I still haven't figured out what to call this drink, so rather than delay the post I decided to leave it up to you to come up with the drink's name.  So take a gander at the ingredients (which are in keeping with this month's theme of HOT HOT HEAT!), mix one up for yourself, and if inspiration strikes, drop a comment with your suggestion.

(Your Suggestion Here)
2 oz reposado tequila (I used Milagro)
1 oz fresh pineapple juice (strained)
2 barspoons fresh lime juice (about 2 tsp)
1 barspoon agave nectar
dash Worcestershire sauce
dash Sriracha sauce
top with ginger beer (Fever Tree is the way to go)

Tools: shaker, strainer
Glass: highball

Fill a highball glass with ice.  Pour everything except ginger beer in a shaker that's also filled with plenty of ice.  Shake good and hard for at least 10 seconds to fully incorporate the Worcestershire and Sriracha.  Strain into your highball glass and enjoy. Garnish not necessary, but a straw might be.

One thing I highly suggest--which I forgot to do with the drink pictured--was to strain the pineapple juice so that you don't get that foamy top layer, so you'll have a drink that's not as cloudy as mine. 

Unfortunately I don't get paid for this so there aren't any official prizes involved if you suggest the best name.  But if I do pick your suggestion, in addition to receiving a truckload of my gratitude, I'll buy you a drink if you're ever in the NYC area--how's that?

Before I leave you to your cocktail mixing and brainstorming, note that next week I will be in New Orleans for the world's most celebrated annual mixology-fest called Tales of the Cocktail where I'll be providing daily dispatches from the various seminars, tastings, and of course, parties.  So from July 21-25--if all goes well and I'm not drunk off my keester--look for short and sweet Happy Hour updates on all the goings on (or at least on what I'm doing). 

For those not familiar with Tales, let's just say it's what happens when the cocktail universe simultaneously orgasms. Cheers!

*Got a cocktail question? Hit me on twitter @paystyle, email me at payman(at)lifesacocktail(dot)com, or simply drop me a comment below.
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  • Hmmm… kind of Mexican, kind of tropical, kind of beachy… how about a Riviera Maya?

    Sounds quite excellent. And I’ve been trying to think of a way to get ginger flavor into a peach drink, so this Fever Tree idea has me inspired. Thanks!

    Jael on

  • Agave and Worcestershire? I love the combos you come up with!! I also love those very cubic looking ice cubes! Were those from a special tray?

    erin on

  • Oopsie! The Border Jumper…

    Gwendolyn on

  • Ohhh, this is fun!

    I woke up thinking about this. My suggestion is LE HOT COQ, or just simply, LE COQ. Inspiration for this being the mascot for Sriracha.

    Yes, I woke up this morning thinking about LE HOT COQ.

    PS- I want a jar of your cherries as a prize.

    kayoko on

  • How about the ‘Aye Mami’ or ‘Mamisita’ tequila, beautiful color, cool, and some spice! It also plays off your website….

    Tristan on

  • How about “Sriracha Mama”, or “Tequila Y Sriracha” or “Tequilacha”

    Vanessa Bahmani on

  • Wow that’s just one euphemism after another, ain’t it?

    kayoko on

  • I say Southwest Asian, its got a good mix of southwest/mexican flavors with a dash of asian in there too!

    Christina on

  • Ok, Sriracha Mama is AWESOME, even though it’s not such a major ingredient. I digress.

    kayoko on

  • Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…

    The Trans-Sahara Scorcher

    Alexander on

  • I also like Hot Tequale, a play on hot tamale and tequila…

    Gwendolyn on

  • Ok so far the standouts are Le Hot Coq, Sriracha Mama, and Border Jumper (I see the reference to various locales represented in the drink). No sense in stopping the flow of ideas yet though.

    Erin – those ice cubes come from Tovolo ice trays. or whole foods, where I bought mine. They’ll change your life.

    Paystyle on

  • How’s about a ‘Rooster Kick’?

    Eric on

  • “The Caliente Ginger”

    Southpark anyone?

    Ashleigh on

  • The Bird’s Eye Pineapple

    Dustin Doran on

  • The Snappy Latin


    The Stinging Ginger

    That drink is so inspiring, I get images of what this drink would be as a personification of all ingredients combined: I see a boozy, loud, sun-burnt beauty playing bongos on a beach in the tropics. Good job!

    Stacey on

  • How about
    Kick a Ginger!

    S D on

  • The Culture Shock!!

    =) it fits perfectly!

    Kelly_in_OKC on

  • South of the Border Ginger Dragon

    Ashleigh on

  • Rooster Kick and Culture Shock sound cool too.

    Stacey – Glad you like the drink, and thanks for the suggestions, but maybe I should just call the drink the Boozy, Loud, Sun-burnt Beauty Playing Bongos on a Beach in the Tropics. With a name like that though, it’ll surely require a befitting garnish.

    Keep ’em coming!

    Paystyle on

  • how about ‘hot and stormy’?

    melanie on

  • Coat-tailing on Asleigh’s suggestions, I’m thinking “East of the Sun, West of the Moon.” Inspiration: Sinatra, of course!

    kayoko on

  • Phocktail (after the Pho ingredients). Pronounced…

    Kristie on

  • The Astor Tanline.

    karen on

  • Negative on the Sandinista, it doesn’t have pineapple.

    I think it’s finally time I pick a name. Le Hot Coq, Sriracha Mama, and Hot and Stormy are the finalists. Le Hot Coq is perhaps too racy, Sriracha Mama perhaps too limiting.

    I think Hot and Stormy wins because it’s a clever reference of the Dark and Stormy which also contains ginger beer, and best encompasses the spirit of this drink.

    Congrats to Melanie!

    Payman Bahmani on

  • It’s actually a well known drink, called the Sandinista, sometimes served without the pineapple, sometimes as a shot or a drink. Theres the name for it.

    cheyenne on

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