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Mardi Gras 2010

Sorry folks, Happy Hour has the week off-- we could all use a break once in a while, right?

As for the site meltdown last week, I profusely apologize. It was a fucking nightmare! I basically upgraded the site without thinking of the consequences. With one innocent click, BOOM!, posts and pictures started to disappear. WTF. Also, there was a Wordpress server shutdown last week, which I'm sure didn't help anything.

It's better now-- I hope. Paystyle's Hot Buttered Rum post from last week is still missing, which I am so sad about. If anyone out there has it printed out, or cached in their browsers, please send it to me asap! Would greatly appreciate it.

Moral of the story: Never upgrade anything EVER AGAIN. And always back up the site. Always.

Above is a pic I took in NOLA, at the Royal Street Inn & Bar, on Frenchmen Street. It was such a rad place. I could not keep from staring at that framed poster of the chubby fingers on the piano keys. I covet it.

Happy Hour will be back next week!
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  • argh i wanted to print that hot buttered rum recipe out :(

    tomo on

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