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The Alley

Paystyle will be out for the rest of September. Why, you ask? Here it is, in his own words:

When I passed the California Bar exam, I told myself I'd never take another. Then a few years later I found myself in New York City studying at the library for the NY Bar. When I passed that, I loudly proclaimed, "Never again!"

Well, they say never say never for a reason, and I now find myself on the cusp of my third bar exam, which will take place at the end of September. This exam, however, pertains to a bar of a different type. It's called the B.A.R. (Beverage Alcohol Resource), and it's an intensive course and exam in all things spirits and cocktails related, to the point where if I pass I'll be among a very select group of spirits professionals across the country. This is not a bartending school, but something much more intense, intensive, onerous, and hopefully rewarding in the end.


Can you believe this guy? Dude's a certified lawyer in two states and he still can't get enough! I mean, I never went to grad school to pursue my love for the library sciences, just to avoid taking the GREs. Don't even get me started on the SATs-- let's just say I barely made it into college!

Which is to say that I am the worst test-taker and I have nothing but love and respect for Paystyle for taking on this gargantuan feat. The test sounds like my worst nightmare-- no wonder he's taking a sabbatical!

Umamimart wishes you the very best, dude! God knows we all drink enough on here for you to easily recognize the difference between a 12 year and 18 year scotch. Armagnac vs. Cognac? Elementary, son.

Kill it.

As for me, I am sorry I've been MIA myself. I'm just starting a new bartending job in Oakland, and have been intensely working on the backend of Umamimart. Exciting things are happening at UMHQ, I promise!

In case you've missed me, here's the Ghost of Kayoko above, at The Alley-- my favorite bar in Oakland. Come visit me and I'll take you there. Nothing says autumn like sipping a Manhattan whilst listening to a dude play the piano. Seems like old times.

Photo by my great pal Travis LoDolce.


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