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It's safe to say I haven't quite got the jump on my New Year's resolutions yet. In fact I think I need to call in a do-over. You see, in my case New Year's Eve was only the beginning of the holiday madness, as all week long I played host to my brother and some friends who were visiting me from LA. Naturally on New Year's Eve we partied like it was 2009, and then in the new year we partied like it was 2010--everyday for a week straight.

I say all that as a preface to a sincere apology for not having a Happy Hour column for you this week since I am still in recovery mode, and writing about cocktails with a hangover is like trying to buy a plane ticket the day after surviving a plane crash. I hope you can find a bit of forgiveness in your heart (if not, add that to your list of resolutions), and I look forward to catching you next week for more mixological musings.

Here's to another year of great cocktails! (Ouch)

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  • Instead of this picture you should have used our real hungover pictures, we have an abundance of those. Happy Recovery!

    Vanessa Bahmani on

  • Lol, yes that might have been a good idea but for the risk of getting sued by Zack Galifianikis (if you knew what I look like right now you'd understand the reference).

    Paystyle on

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