Sake Gumi
I know, I know, I've been a blogging slacker- internet in Japan was spottier than I had ever imagined it would be. But I'm back, state-side, with plenty of pictures to share, with unlimited internet time. Such is unemployment.

Here are some one-off hits from my trip. Many more to come, so stay tuned! Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!

Yuba sashimi. Tasted like cheese.

Shirako. In short, fish gizzzz.

Quail egg with slender chives from Dan Ran. Gorgeous.

Pizza dough fingers fried with seaweed. This was delicious.

Stone grillin' kalbi, chicken, chicken livers, and shishito peppers.

Mister Donut
at Kyoto station.

Mt. Fuji.


  • That would be “fish jizz” – “gizz” makes it sounds like gizzards (sunagimo)…

    And I have to say, I like me some shirako too. I like that the kanji are for “white children”. The best ones I’ve ever had are grilled fugu shirako. The cod ones just don’t compare. Never thought I’d enjoy the taste of sperm, but there you go.

    Sorry we missed each other in Tokyo – next time!

    追放マーク on

  • About time, seriously! Welcome back!

    Yamahomo on

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