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It's that time of month again- UmamiventureTime! I figure the best way to stave off the bitter January cold (ha!) would be a day of vodka and whiskey tasting. Ok, ok, it's just another excuse to get us all drunk. There could be no better way to kick-off 2010 together.

Seriously though-- I'm really excited about this trip. I've been dying to visit St. George Spirits since first discovering its scotch at Fette Sau, a bbq joint in Williamsburg, BK. My friend told me the distillery was in Alameda, which totally floored me. The conversation went something like this:

Kayoko: Is this from Kentucky?
Rich: Nope, they make this stuff in Alameda
Kayoko: What, Alameda... in California?
Rich: Yes.
Kayoko: In the Bay Area?
Rich: Yes.
Kayoko: In the East Bay, near Oakland?
Rich: ... YES. JESUS. WOMAN. Let me sip in peace!
Kayoko: I don't believe you.

Turns out good ol' trusty Rich was right of course, and St. George Spirits is indeed in Alameda, California. Near Oakland. In the East Bay. Holler. They even give TOURS of the distillery, which is located on an old navel air station. How awesome is that?

They distill all sorts of stuff, like absinthe, brandy and tequila, in addition to their excellent brown liquors and vodkas (the Hangar One Spiced Pear vodka is off the heezee). Let's check it out!

When: Saturday, January 23
Time: 12:30pm (Tour starts at 1pm)
Cost: About $15 for the tasting?
Where: St. George Distillery
2601 Monarch Street
Alameda, CA

RSVP on the Facebook event page, as usual. I've gotta call them if our group is bigger than five people so please accurately respond, sil vous plait.

As for transportation, we can either meet there at 12:30ish, carpool, or meet at the SF dock and take the ferry over, which would be kinda fun. Let's discuss.

Hope to see you! Let's plan to go to Everett and Jones for bbq afterwards in Oakland!

Above photo by Kellan on Flickr. Check out more of his St. George distillery pics here.
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  • That's it!
    I'm moving to SF so I can hang with Miss Cool 1 + 2 (kayoko & yoko) and tour factories and get drunk on life.

    Anders on

  • Wow wish I could join you guys! If you guys want to continue your drinking while in Alameda you should check out Forbidden Island.

    Kayoko—while you're there, maybe you can ask if they're willing to send some samples my way for "blogging purposes." ;)

    I miss E&J BBQ (sigh)

    Paystyle on

  • Anders, if you moved to SF with me and Yokes, I think it would make us the happiest ladies in the universe.

    kayoko on

  • Seriously, Anders you need to get you pretty little ass over here. Can't wait to go to my first UM venture stateside.

    yoko on

  • UPDATE: The tour can only accommodate 10 of us so I will need to cap the guestlist. There's been an overwhelming response!

    kayoko on

  • Pay- of course i'll put in a good word for UM's Master Mixologist.

    kayoko on

  • They even give TOURS of the distillery, which is located on an old navel air station. Awesome!!
    I think it would make us the happiest ladies in the universe.

    hangar on

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