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Hi everyone! I hope you all are ready for the Fish Taco Crawl in San Diego THIS SUNDAY! It's gonna be a blast.

So a few new details for you:

- I'll be staying in North Park-- please feel free to meet us at our place and we can just carpool together from one taco stop to another. We'll leave promptly at NOON.
The address is: 3035 Quince St., SD, CA, 92104

- We NEED to make a taco truck stop. DUH! So we'll be stopping at the Mariscos German truck in Normal Heights on University & 35th, which will be Stop #4 out of 5. I hear they have octopus tacos- YES!

- If you wanna meet up at any point during our crawl, please of course jump in whenever you can. My number is 408-300-2053. Text or call me to see where we are!

- I mapped the entire crawl on Google Maps. You so do not want to miss this.

Bring friends! Lovers! Fighters! Can't wait to get fat together.



I'm coming to sunny SAN DIAAAAAGO! Haven't been in a few years, so I'm very excited to stuff my face with breakfast burritos, lunch burritos, and... dinner burritos.

And to top it off, I figured a blowout taco crawl is in order for our next Umamiventure. And not just any taco. The FISH TACO. When in Rome, folks, when in Rome. Sorry Nemo!

The fatassery will begin at noon on Sunday 11/15. That's next Sunday, so pencil it in, stat!

After much consultation with a few trustworthy SD natives, here are the FOUR stops we'll be making, in order:

1.) South Beach Bar (Ocean Beach- beware the horrible website muzak)
2.) Brigantine (Point Loma)
3.) Tin Fish (Downtown)
4.) El Zarape (University Heights)

I hear these are mostly all bastardized versions of the fish taco, but whatever, let's try 'em all. We taste, we compare, we contrast. The South Beach Bar has FRIED OYSTER TACOS!! SO EXCITED!

We'll end the crawl on a high note at a bar right next to El Zarape called Small Bar, which has one hellava beer menu. Holler.

A little birdie told me about Kobey's Swap Meet in Point Loma, "The Largest Swap Meet in San Diego County." Maybe we can walk off our fish tacos in between pitstops and peruse useless rusting antiques.

Dude, how dreamy does this day sound to you??

So come out! SDers/ LAers/ OCers/ TJers. All are welcome, you don't want to miss this. Ya'll know I'm such a sucker for these crawls, they're so much fun. Make sure to COME HUNGRY!

As usual, RSVP on the FB invite, and check in periodically for updates. YAY!

Above photo taken at BEST FISH TACO IN ENSANADA in Los Feliz, LA. Can SD top this?

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