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Let's say I know this guy. We'll call him Marcel.

Marcel is a ramenaholic. You think you love ramen? Oh no, not like Marcel loves ramen.

Marcel has traveled to Japan multiple times to meticulously research the art of ramen. The broth. The noodles. The pork.

This dude is so obsessed, that he pulls his own noodles, stews his broth from scratch for hours upon hours, and marinates the all-important pork loin to perfection. He even makes his own BUTTER for the topping of the butter corn ramen.

Yes, this man is my hero. He's a Ramen Mad Professor of sorts.

Now, what if Marcel has invited Umamimart into his home in San Francisco this Sunday night (4/18), to feast upon his ramen? Let's say I'm allowed to bring 10 special guests. Would you want to risk missing this, even if it was a hypothetical situation? I don't think so.

Become a fan of UM on Facebook for details, as they come to me. Gotta be a fan! This is VIP!!!!

Until Sunday, you may drool at his ramen (above). That would be his "Special Hakata" ramen, including spicy cod roe (mentaiko) and wood ears (kikurage). Mmmmhmmm. Marcel most certainly does NOT fuck around.
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  • Oh my, ramen has been a good friend of mine lately. It’s on my birthday too… maybe I can catch a quick plane? That looks amazing!
    By the way, HAPPY, happy BIRTHDAY KAYOKO!!!

    Erin Vernon on

  • AAHHH I WANT TO GO!! but will probably be taking my dad out for his birthday that night… aah im drooling looking at that pic….

    wen on


    tomo on

  • checked and i’ll be taking the fam out on monday…! which means i’m free for ramen…!! so excited :D :D :D :D hope there’s spots left?!

    wen on

  • Wen, I’m supposed to take my parents out for their bdays that night as well… we were gonna go to Sushi Ran in Sausalito. But NO WAY! Guerilla Ramen prevails!

    Sorry Hideko + Kunio!

    kayoko on

  • Wen! I really hope you can make it! It’s phenomenal. You will be reminded of your Ibaraki days…

    yoko on

  • Ramen insanity ahead!

    Enric on

  • Wen, you’re in! Erin, we’ll miss you. Sorry folks, the list is now closed. Next time!

    kayoko on

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