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I owe much of my knife sharpening knowledge to the folks at Hida Tool & Hardware in Berkeley. So when a few people emailed me about wanting to learn more about sharpening knives, and/or purchasing a hocho, I thought it would make sense for me to bring those people with me to Hida Tool & Hardware. And not soon after, the seedling for Umamiventure #25 poked its little head out saying "May 29, 2pm, Knife Demo at Hida Tool & Hardware in Berkeley."

Chika-san at Hida Tool has been kind enough to offer an exclusive knife sharpening demo for any and all Umamimart readers who are interested in sharpening their knives. She will be clearing the workshop table at the back of the store so all of us can get a good view of the action.

The store is stocked with an excellent selection of cooking and utility knives, in addition to some amazing garden tools that an artist, psycho-path or homemaker would find eyebrow raising. So even though us Umamiventurers will have access to the back for the demo, exploring the front of the store will also be an adventure in itself.

We will be meeting at Hida Tools at 2pm for the demo. Please comment below to RSVP, Twitter us, or email us at There are only 12 spots open for this event so contact us quick!

Hida Tool & Hardware is located at 1333 San Pablo Avenue Berkeley CA 94702 (cross street Gilman) across the street from the Walgreens/REI plaza. The nearest BART station is North Berkeley.

*This is NOT a sponsored event. We just love this shop and they were kind in enough to offer us a workshop.
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  • I’m in! +1

    seri on

  • Jerk- can you come up for this? Would be awesome if you could.

    June’s Umamiventure will be in LA, Sat June 12 at the San Pedro Fish Market. Pencil it in please.

    kayoko on

  • Oh I really really need this. I bought my first cleaver in SF’s J-town 10 years ago. My mother has had hers for 30 years!! I also have a Shun 10-inch chef’s knife that I LOVE but use a honing knife and that thing sucks.

    Jerkey on

  • Tomo: Bring Le Jerque with you please!

    kayoko on

  • Tomo – wow really?

    yoko on

  • I THINK I can make it!

    tomo on

  • I am in!

    Nobuko on

  • I’m in! I just got a sashimi hocho from my aunt in JP, so this is perfect. Thanks! on

  • I am in!

    Enric on

  • is It too late for Me and Cindy to join up? If not please count us in.

    James on

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