2019 Holiday Gift Guide

I've been dying to visit the San Pedro Fish Market since Sara wrote about it a few years back. It's the perfect summertime Umamiventure! Although it's always summer in LA, isn't it? Sigh.

Since I'll be in LA this week, let's all get together and gorge on fresh oysters and crab and shrimp and drink pitchers of Coors Light! YAH! I feel like we need to support seafood right now given the oil spill mayhem in NOLA. So devastating!

Next Saturday, 6/12 at noon, how about that? Does that work for everyone? Please bring all friends, lovers and fighters. And a wad of cash, I hear it can get pricey. Although there will be many of us, so as long as we all chip in, it shouldn't be so bad. As usual, RSVP here in the comments below, the FB invite, or Twatter me.

I have not been to LA since last September, so I can't wait to see everyone! Looking forward to eating unpeeled shrimp off of a tray with lots of fresh lemons!

San Pedro Fish Market
1190 Nagoya Way, Berth 78
Ports O’ Call Village
San Pedro, CA
T: 310.832.4253