Umamiventure #27: Trappist (OAK)

Can we just be lazy this month and have a low-key Umamiventure? YES! Let's meet at The Trappist Belgian beer bar in downtown Oakland for their Taco Tuesday, next 7/13 at 7pm. Yes, SFers, I'm asking you to trek over the bridge. Deal with it.

The Trappist is awesome. They have nearly 30 different beers on tap, and another 100 kinds in bottles. Here's a list of what they've got tapped this month. Green Flash Le Freak! YAH!

Plus, there's $2 tacos from Tamarindo restaurant next door, available on Tuesdays only. I wonder if it's really Belgian Beer Carnitas-- that would be amazing!

I'll get there at 7pm, and stay pretty late so stop by whenever and have a strong beer with me! Yoko will be there too.

SFers: The 12th Street BART station is literally right around the corner so you have NO EXCUSE!

As usual, RSVP in the comments below, Twitter me, or respond directly in the Facebook invite.

Above photo by @serooo.

460 8th Street
Oakland, CA
T: 510.238.8900

*Umamiventures are organized monthly, traveling far and wide to find awesome, cheap grub off the beaten path.

Past Umamiventures include:
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11.) Brooklyn Banh Mi Crawl – Sunset Park, NYC; August 2008
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14.) Strong Beer Month – SF; March 2009
15.) Loisaida Throwback Crawl – NYC; April 2009
16.) Harley Farms Goat Dairy – Pescadero, CA; June 2009
17.) Tomales Bay Oyster Farm – Marshall, CA; August 2009
18.) Din Tai Fung – LA; September 2009
19.) Din Tai Fung – Tokyo; September 2009
20.) Schroeder’s Oktoberfest – SF; October 2009
21.) Fish Taco Crawl – San Diego; November 2009
22.) St. George Spirits & Hangar One Vodka -  Alameda; January 2010
22.5) Everett & Jones – OAK; January 2010
23.) Sammy’s Roumanian Steakhouse – NYC; February 2010
24.) Guerilla Ramen Night – SF; April 2010
25.) Knife Sharpening Workshop at Hida Tool & Hardware – Berkeley, May 2010
26.) San Pedro Fish Market - LA, June 2010
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  • mike and i would love to join as well.

    elaine on

  • I have class until 9pm but I will come STRAIGHT from class to the Trappist for this.

    yoko on

  • I am in! +1

    mmm… carnitas.

    seri on

  • blaaah, sorry, I can’t make it after all.

    seri on

  • YES! See you all there! I’ll be there at 7pm!

    kayoko on

  • Oh no! Everyone’s getting sick! Please take care. I think CJ is gonna host a microbrewery tour in Sonoma County in August. Please come for that for sure!

    kayoko on

  • Hey y’all -
    unfortunately elaine is sick today and i haven’t been feeling so hot either (she caught it from me) – so we’re not gonna be able to make it to the Trappist tonight.
    Bummer, but we’ll definitely make it to the next one!

    Michael Kross on

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