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My partner recently went to Niigata-prefecture in Japan for the weekend. He brought back a gift of hegisoba for me.

At first glance, hegisoba looks just like the cheapo 178 yen soba I buy at the local supermarket, but upon closer inspection, there seems to be more grainy specks of black and grey. Hegisoba is made with funori, a type of seaweed that grows in thin strands. I am not sure what the benefits to eating funori are but it seems like some folks are drinking it as tea.

The hegisoba itself had a slight scent of the sea. Otherwise, it pretty much tasted the same as the regular types of soba made without funori. The texture had a little bit more give, but that may just be because it was a higher quaility soba, in general.



I am a soba fiend, so discovering hegisoba was a pleasure -- even if it didn't taste much different from regular soba.


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