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I had qualms about blogging the Homo Sausage. Was I really a near 30 year-old woman with the humor of a 7 year-old boy? Yes. Was Umami Mart too sophisticated for a juvenile post such as this? Yes. But then again, maybe not.

I met Homo Sausage last week at my friend's party. Someone had brought three sticks of it and abandoned them on the kitchen table. Homo Sausage is a brand of fish sausage rich in DHA. These fish sausages seem to be especially popular with drunk men of all ages. Therefore, they are most often spotted as a last-minute-buy by the cash register or at eye-level somewhere along the way from the beer fridge to the cash register.

Once the orange film is peeled off, the skin is fleshy pink. I have been told the taste is similar to kamaboko, or fish cake. I have yet to muster up the courage to get over the aesthetic oddity of this product and bite into one.


And a word about the name. I understand slip-ups with naming by Japanese companies in some cases (i.e. Mitsubishi's Pajero) but Homo Sausage? I think this was deliberate.


  • NO YOU DITTEN!!!! Omg I'm DYING!!! As someone who has grown up eating these things and still do… I will never eat a fish sausage with same naivete ever again. They really are a great snack though, and great for practicing… never mind.


    That top pic is so covert- it's like you were at a party and didn't want to be seen taking the picture or something. Classic.

    This will be UM item #2 on Manofest's top 50 awesomely named products (mentioned in last week's UM Reader). We've gotta get Jussipussi on here asap…

    kayoko on

  • Kayoko – “You said ‘practicing’… huh huh.” Yes, I am also a near-30-year-old who still identifies with Butthead.

    Yamahomo – Totally homo-erotic. I mean, just watching these guys peeling the bright orange skin from the fleshy pinkness was made me question many things about myself.

    Paystyle – Haha, I am glad you remember the Mitsubishi Pajero. I wonder how many emergency meetings Japanese salarymen held to deal with the renaming of that car.

    yoko on

  • LOL!!! The homo sausage…hilarious. And I had totally forgotten about the Mitsubishi Pajero!

    Paystyle on

  • Very homo erotic.

    Yamahomo on

  • Pajero means, basically, “wanker” in slang in some Spanish countries.

    Paystyle on

  • Fish sausage is a lot healthier than regular sausage, and the taste is good. However, it might be unhealthy just by looking at it… I use it in sandwiches, in salad, and no one knows it’s fish. In a way, it’s similar to Spam, which I am making spam sushi soon. My favorite way of eating it? Just how Yoko’s picture says, and if you are close to Japanese household, with mayo, as if it’s a hot dog. Unfortunately the ones I can get here aren’t “pink” enough. I’ve never had homo brand, but they seem quite good.

    Kayoko, “practice” what? If you think this looks “real”, you have been away from it for a long time or doing it with teens. haha…

    What does Pajero mean in proper language? Semen?

    Yamahomo on

  • Yamahomo- I do live across the street from my high school. Dot dot dot.

    kayoko on

  • Fuminatto – HAHA! I love this diagram and the FAQ that had to include “What does the ‘Homo’ in ‘Homo Sausage’ mean?” Very educational.

    yoko on

  • I found out on the manufacturer’s website that “homo” is an abbreviation of “homogenized.” Or that is what they meant in the first place. Interesting.
    Below is the link in Japanese.
    The company was founded in 1945 when the WW2 ended. They might have gotten the idea from the Americans…..

    fuminatto on

  • Ain’t nothing like some homo sausage to clear up the arteries with DHA, hah hah. Thanks for this, Yoko. I personally LMAO!

    Bobby D.

    rhymeister on

  • Wait Fuminatto- Homogenization of what, exactly? The FAQ section is certainly hilarious.

    Also, I’m not really understanding the whole DHA thing- it’s a good thing, yeah??? Which is a relief cause I seriously eat these all the time. I thought it was just pure MSG.

    kayoko on

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