Sake Gumi
My partner and I took a mini-honeymoon to Hokkaido this week with one mission - to eat our way through the Northern land famous for squid, crab, salmon and dairy. We ate so much that I will blaze through our eats in a series of posts centering on the photos I took.

Adventures in Japan start with the bento you buy at the station or airport. We flew from Haneda Airport in Tokyo. I got an onigiri (rice ball) lunch. The three types were kombu (seaweed), canned tuna and mayo and salmon. There were also two pieces of fried chicken. Bento is one of the few times I really enjoy eating room tempurature food.





The flight from Tokyo to Hakodate is one hour. A soon as we arrived, we started eating away.

Our first stop in Hakodate was the Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse. We stumbled upon Hanabatakebokujyou, a small soft serve parlor.


For 350 yen I was served a generous portion of a vanilla and caramel combo soft serve. The texture was creamy and the subtle burnt taste of the caramel provided a perfect accent to the vanilla. I would say this was really satisfying because it was about twice the size of most soft serves in Japan.


11-17 Toyogawa-cho
Hakodate 040-0065 Japan


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