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Lucky Pierrot Whale Miso Burger

One of the best things about Hakodate, Hokkaido was that there were no McDonalds. This seems very odd, considering Hakodate isn't such a tiny city. But not so odd, when you know that it has its own home-grown fast food chain Lucky Pierrot that could take over the world, just like McDonald's, if it wanted to.

As soon as I started planning for our trip to Hakodate, I knew I wanted to visit Lucky Pierrot. It was the one touristy thing I wanted to do. We saw our first Lucky Pierrot (the original location) literally 10 minutes after I scarfed down the huge soft serve at Hanabatakebokyjyo. Although I was on vacation, my stomach was definitely not. I decided to put it to work, double-duty style by fulfilling one of my main missions during the trip: to eat a whale burger.

Lucky Pierrot

The menu

Lucky Pierrot

The exterior and interior of Lucky Pierrot failed to dissapoint with crazy decor spilling out of every pore of its walls. Although this seemed kind of gimmicky, it was comforting to see later on in the trip that all Lucky Pierrots are crazy in their own way. It was also comforting to see that the Lucky Pierrot we visited was packed with locals even on a Monday at 4pm.

Lucky Pierrot

Lucky Pierrot's most popular burger is the Chinese Chicken Burger. This looked really appetizing as well, but I was determined to order the Whale Miso Burger.

Lucky Pierrot Whale Miso Burger

The Whale Miso Burger was 380 yen. The burger had some lettuce, mayo, miso sauce and a few nuggets of fried whale.

Lucky Pierrot Whale Miso Burger

Surprisingly, the whale tasted very fishy. The whale that I had had before (raw and barbecued) tasted more gamey, like lamb or venison. The smell of the whale meat in the burger wafted a bit of sardines, yet the texture was a little tough, like fish jerky. I enjoyed the burger, but they saturated it too much with the miso sauce. The breaded surface area ratio to the whale meat was also too high - I could not get a proper grasp of the taste and texture of the whale meat because of the distractions surrounding it (breading and sauce). That said, I am very satisfied to have tried the whale burger, especially since this is something you can only eat in Hakodate.

Lucky Pierrot Whale Miso Burger

Although I like the fact that Lucky Pierrot exists only in Hakodate, I would be ecstatic if they made a branch out here in Tokyo. I would be in line on the first day to try their Chinese Chicken Burger.

Lucky Pierrot Whale Miso Burger

Lucky Pierrot (Original location)
23-18 Suehiro-cho
Hakodate Japan
TEL: 0138-26-2099


  • OMG this is crazy!!!! And the logo is right out of a creepyass David Lynch film. In fact, even the menus- all very carnival-like and surreal.

    Excellent post!

    kayoko on

  • Marvin- you need to seek therapy for your internet anger management issues.

    kayoko on

  • Marvin – Okay, I will look more closely next time. I admit that was a mistake on my part to make that assumption after exploring several parts of the city – and it was dumb. But I don’t really see why it makes me an ass.

    yoko on

  • “One of the best things about Hakodate, Hokkaido was that there were no McDonalds.”
    …that’s a bunch of crap! There are McDonalds in Hakodate… just cause you walked around the train station and didn’t see one doesn’t mean they aren’t here dumbass!

    Marvin on

  • Also got one McDonalds at Nanaehama inside Supercenter TRIAL, quite far from tourist spot though but near to my house lol.

    Zuraidi Zainol on

  • A McDonalds is in the CO-OP grocery store food court on Highway 83. It is 2 1/2 kilometers west of cable car stop Goryokakukoenmae (Goryokaku Tower). Take the cable car to Shiminkaikanmae. The happy meal toys are differnt from USA, if you like to collect those
    . Also next to McDonalds is a taiyaki and tacoyaki stand.

    Makoto on

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