Oujousushi (Hakodate)

Hakodate is famous for its fresh seafood, so eating sushi was necessary. Being total newbies to the area, we chose a sushi restaurant that was listed in our JTB (Japan Travel Bureau) guide magazine.

About a 10 minute walk from Hakodate JR Station, Oujousushi is located on a desolate stretch of road next to a kimono shop. It was encouraging to see that there were two parties already seated there when we arrived - it was a Monday night.

They serve the sushi right on the counter:

Oujousushi (Hakodate)

The sushi chef grates the wasabi for you and serves it to you on your own individual shark-skin paddle:

Oujousushi (Hakodate)

Three-sashimi plate, freshest catch of the day:

Oujousushi (Hakodate)

Amaebi (sweet shrimp):

Oujousushi (Hakodate)

Live uni (Check out the video footage of this at the head of this post. It might be hard to tell, but the uni is definitely moving as its innards are being devoured.):

To die for saba (mackerel). This was the star of the night. The saba melted in my mouth and didn't have a hint of sourness - very different from any type of saba I have had.

Oujousushi (Hakodate)

Classic maguro:

Oujousushi (Hakodate)

Glistening ika (squid):

Oujousushi (Hakodate)

Ikura in Hokkaido was all very sweet. It was delicious, but I have to admit, I might be a Tokyo girl who likes salty ikura.

Oujousushi (Hakodate)

Hirame (fluke):

Oujousushi (Hakodate)

Half-time soup:

Oujousushi (Hakodate)

Jelly-coated vegetable (forgot the name), popular in Hokkaido:

Oujousushi (Hakodate)

The chef strongly recommended we order anago. The roastiness was great, but I prefer my anago a little softer, with a more delicate sauce.

Oujousushi (Hakodate)

Kani (crab):

Oujousushi (Hakodate)

Squid caught that morning:

Oujousushi (Hakodate)

Grilled, on the house, as a celebratory nod to our recent union.

Oujousushi (Hakodate)


Oujousushi (Hakodate)

Overall, the ingredients were great because they were extremely fresh. But I prefer my sushi in smaller portions. The rice was packed a little too densly as well. Oujousushi scores points for really friendly staff and service, but loses some points for being a little pricey (our bill came to 15,600 yen including sake).

5-6 Shinkawamachi
Hakodate City, Hokkaido
TEL: 0138-22-3079

closed Thursdays


  • OMG, I can't believe how gross that is! It's really moving!!! never saw that before… It's disgusting, you should be ashamed of yourself!

    Can we try that in Tokyo, Yoko?

    Anders on

  • UNI MEMORY #!: That's the REAL way to eat UNI!!! Love it! I went diving for sea urchin once in Sicily, it was such an unforgettable experience. We cracked them open right then and there on the boat and scooped up the sweet fruit of the sea- gorgeous.

    UNI MEMORY #2: I used to work on the harbor in Santa Barbara- uni in SB is very well known, probably the best in the US, by far. Anyway, the guy who dove for the uni used to drop off a bunch for me, spiky shell-on and everything. The orange meat always blew me away. It's probably god's next best WTF invention after oysters.

    UNI MEMORY #3: I ordered uni in the shell once at Grand Central Oyster Bar in NYC. It was pebbly and slimy and gross.

    ps- Love the just-caught congratulatory squid!

    pps- Eating off the counter is HOT!

    ppps- What is that slime-ccvered vegetable??? I bet it's so good for you.


    kayoko on

  • 15600 yen for 2 ppl or 1?

    Ricky on

  • Hahahaha, I am glad that you are into indulging in disgusting, offensive things. I am sure we can try this somewhere in Tokyo.

    yoko on

  • For 2 ppl.

    Yoko on

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