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Every year around this time, I am in Japan for half business and half vacation. But this year's financial crisis has hit my work pretty badly, and my travel budget got cut. Hence, I will stay in New York this year. After Thanksgiving, I've been thinking about how I am going to spend the holiday season. I don't think I've been in New York for Christmas for like 7 years. I was going to buy a Christmas tree, but decided it's too much work. Yet, I wanted to have some sort of holiday spirit.

So I hosted a cookie decorating party. I've never done it, but it turned out to be quite a fun time.

You can totally see one's creativity, or lack of, when doing this type of party. I don't think I need to post a recipe. Simply, you just bake bunch of sugar cookies. I bought cookie cutters (wanted to buy more, but $3.99 a piece was a bit too much) of ginger boy, angel, Christmas tree, and snow flake.

I then made royal icing, using powdered sugar and water. Added food coloring, and the prep work was done.

As you can see, they are quite colorful, and idea-full as well. On the right, there's Borat:

This one, Chris made, is my personal favorite. Simple, yet elegant.

Since I only had green, white, blue, red, pink colors, things you could do were a bit limited. I also had sugar sprinkles, and they also were red and green. Next year, I think I will be able to make more colors.

Ass is actually written on the backside, hence ass makes sense. Nate was very proud of his brilliant idea.

Merry Christmas!



  • my fave part of holiday cookie decoration? DRAGEES! loves it!

    kayce. on

  • i love Nate’s cookies!!! he is quite the artiste. the channukah one is awesome, as is Borat.

    great idea, Yama!

    kayoko on

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