Sake Gumi


Popping the cap off of the first beer in a new batch is always exciting. When I first started I used to think nothing but "I hope it doesn't suck." Now I am a little more confident in my batches and am curious to see if it is going to come out as I expect it to. For the two beers that I brewed during these posts, both came out great.


First the IPA (India Pale Ale). As you will remember from my post on ales, the India Pale Ale is a stronger and hoppier version of the traditional pale ale. It is one of my favorite styles of beers because I like the hoppyness. The IPA was originally brewed with extra hops and a stronger alcohol content back when english explorers where sailing on long trips trying to find their way to India (hence india pale ale).

The extra hops and alcohol helped the brew last longer and stay fresher over the long distances. The IPA I made here ended up being about 7.2 ABV, is amber in color (as you can see), packs a nice hoppy punch, that balances well with the malt flavors. It's got a nice floral aroma do to the heavy dose of finishing hops we added at the end of the batch.

Captain's Choice IPA

The second beer is the one shown in the bottling post. I had to switch it up cause I lost the other pictures of the IPA being bottled. It is a Blond Summer Ale that we brewed for a trip on a houseboat we were going on with a bunch of friends. As you can see it is much lighter in color.

Titanic Blond Ale

It has a fruity hoppy flavor from mount hood hops, not too much bitterness, a little body to it, and a refreshing finish that makes it perfect for drinking on a hot day. It came to around 6.5 ABV. Not bad for a lighter beer. This is another one of Griz's recipes that he calls a "slammer" because its easy to slam down if you want to. It was a huge hit on our boat trip last weekend. Chris (my roommate) even made some cool labels for it.

Titanic Blond Ale Bottle and Label

If you are in the Bay Area feel free to come try some. This is the final post on home brewing. I hope you can use this as motivation to try it out yourself. Its not that hard and to me is totally worth the work every time.


*CJ lives in San Francisco, but can usually be found in Ocean Beach surfing, or feasting on pork and oysters. His column Tap This explores the infinite universe of beer.