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This sushi was mediocre. But you can't expect that much from Bikkuri Sushi - a chain restaurant. There was a bit too much rice for each nigiri. However, this is relative - if I had this in the States, I would be ranting about it for weeks. My taste buds have become extremely discriminating since living here for a full two years. The stuff on the top left were a bunch of little slimy baby fishes that were a bit disappointing. I had never tried this before and was expecting a texture/taste explosion, but it didn't leave much impact.

This was NOT enough for 6 people (5 hungry guys PLUS me). We killed this in less than 10 minutes and they satisfied the rest of their hunger by blowing this pop-stand and going somewhere else (I had to split at that point).

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  • 4 tamago for 6 people?!! WTF! I need at least 3 of them.

    Yamahomo on

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