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Join us next Thursday, July 21, at Preserved (5032 Telegraph Ave.) in Oakland, where Yoko and Kayoko will be teaching a class about Preserving and Cooking with Koji.

Koji, or Aspergillus oryzae, is a rice mold that's been used in Japan to produce sake, miso, and shoyu for hundreds of years. Recently, modern chefs have discovered the wonders of shio koji (koji mixed with salt) to add depth of flavor, to ferment and tenderize meats and vegetables, and as a salt substitute. Best of all, koji is really good for you!


This will be the second Shio Koji class at Preserved. Last time, in March, Yoko and Kayoko taught participants how to make these shio koji marinated pickles and chicken.



Come find out more about the wonders of koji with us at Preserved! Buy tickets here.