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Went to Boston this weekend to visit my super pals Alda, Jade and Mo. I pranced around Cambridge (I'm not supposed to call it Boston, am I??) all weekend pretending to be smart, which took a lot of work, so ultimately I just ate and slept in excess. It's hard being me, I know.

Besides all the seafood to be had in Boston, I found the Boston ice cream scene to be especially unique. Homemade ice cream shops everywhere! Here's an exclusive little scoop (get it? get it???) on the Cambridge ice cream scene.

First, we stopped into Berry Line, which is the Pinkberry of Harvard Square. Pinkberry hasn't taken over Boston yet, so this is the only place in the city that serves Pinkberry-style frozen yogurt. It fascinates me to no end how this frozen yogurt craze has taken hold of cities everywhere. Yamahomo has lamented extensively on this subject (Red Mango and So Green Yogurt). Look at this line! It's ridiculous!

You get to choose from the plain yogurt, and a flavor of the week. You know how it goes, you pick a flavor, add toppings, blah blah. It was satisfying... but nothing you don't already know. No other way to describe it except that it tasted like Pinkberry!

Later on in the night, we stopped off at Toscanini's which I had been wanting to check out since the article in the NY Times. They've been around since 1981, and apparently they were close to shutting down earlier this year because the owner owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes, and the whole town pitched in to help them out, ultimately raising nearly $35K!!! Now THAT's community!

We got there at 11pm, right as they were closing and they wouldn't let us in. I begged for a scoop like I had never begged for anything in my life. I even used the line, "I came all the way from NY to try your ice cream." OMG how embarrassing- but not untrue. And finally it worked! He still wouldn't let us in, but yelled to a guy behind the counter to get me a scoop of the vanilla. SWEETHEARTS!!!

The vanilla was unlike any vanilla I have had before. Can I say blissful? Like Italy's "fior di latte" flavor, but more intense. It was like sinfully spooning up heavy cream- I savored each bite and licked the cup clean.

I wish I could have seen the garden of delights in that ice cream chest! I hear the burnt caramel is off the heezee. Someone please go try it and tell me about it.

The NY Times calls it the world's best ice cream. WOW.

We only got one cup at Toscanini's, so we weren't satisfied. Mo knew this other place called Christina's, so we headed there.

The special flavor was written on the chalkboard in the window. I love specials!

Flavor board behind the counter, and against another wall. They even had kulfi, which is a special Indian ice cream, much thicker and quite dense. Mo, Alda and I had lots of it when we traveled through India 2 years ago, and I haven't seen it anywhere since.

I was torn between the day's special, and the kulfi- but who can say no to fresh mint? It was creamy, refreshing and exciting (it made me tingle inside, really!). It had a lovely subtle green tone, and was delicious.

There was also another place, JP Lick's, that also serves homemade ice cream, but it was closed. I felt that Boston had an especially awesome artisan ice cream community which can't be a coincidence, and must be a city tradition of sorts. I will indeed be back for more.

Berry Line
3 Arrow Street
Cambridge, MA
T: 617.868.3500

Central Square
899 Main Street
Cambridge, MA
T: 617.491.5877

1255 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA
T: 617.492.7021


  • and Hua, out of curiosity, what does the twinkie ice cream taste like? is it sickly sweet? tell me about it.

    kayoko on

  • glad you brought that up, Hua, cause Troy and i were chatting today, and he said:

    "you didn't even try Emack & Bolio's (the original on Newbury street is much better than the transplanted version in NYC) and Herrell's. two other awesome ice cream spots"

    i clearly didn't do my research. gotta go back pronto for part 2 of this post.

    kayoko on

  • my favorite is the twinkie ice cream at herrell’s in harvard square.

    hua on

  • omg funniest comment ever.

    kayoko on

  • You know what is sad? I don’t think the best ice cream in the world exists. I mean can it really get better than “good” ice cream??

    Sonja on

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