Last Days to Ship
My bonus saw a drastic cut for December 2008, and less business men are taking taxis clear across Tokyo on company tab. But yesterday I was reminded that the Japanese aren't taking the financial crisis that seriously.

I knew this was so when I saw Jean-Paul Gaultier Evian water at my local supermarket. I will mention that it was marked down - but only 30% from 1250 yen, that's about $15 given the current pathetic condition of the US dollar. On sale, you can chug one bottle for 896 yen or about $10.

I'll wait until these babies are marked down 90% until I am seriously depressed about the economy.

Sidenote: Just as the big three execs flew in on their own private jets, are new product developers oblivious? Invite me to your fictitious universe where you can fly to spas with bathtubs full of designer water.


  • Oh god Japan is so excessive- won’t the brand consumer frenzy ever end??? Esp. if it’s made in France- oy.

    It used to be that a designer wasn’t legit till they had a section in the handkerchief and umbrella section of the department store. But this is way extreme.

    Make sure to check out the website- the limited edition Baccarat bottles and the dramatic soundtrack will make you want to kill yourself. In couture of course.

    kayoko on

  • I used the limited-edition Christian Lacroix Evian bottle to top off my Xmas bottle tree. But I think I got it for about $5, so it was totally worth it. (Heh.)

    Jones on

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