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Just got to Tokyo late on Monday, and my aunt swooped my away immediately to Atami, a sea-side town just an hour out of the city. We relaxed there for a night bathing in the hot springs and went to a cheesy jazz band dinner show (where the food was terribly bad).

Above all else, there are two main things I've been looking forward to eating in Japan: ramen, and breakfast. The concept of breakfast in Japan is like no other I have ever experienced anywhere else- it's heartwarming, hearty and brings the family together to start the day.

Here is the meal I had at the hotel buffet, which just about covers what my dream breakfast is made of: rice, miso soup, grilled fish, natto, kurobuta sausage (Berkshire pork) links, egg omelette, tofu, a cup of natto, and tomato salad.

View while we breakfasted. This is the good life.

I'm totally jetlagged and it's like 3am right now. The internet here is a bit spotty (not as wirelessly connected as one would assume of Japan), but I plan to blog as much as I can, so stay tuned!