Japanese people really like to wait in line for food. It's this really bizarre psychological phenomenon here, where people think that the longer the wait, the better the food must be. Check out these hardcore lines in Ginza, Tokyo. Out of control. Also note that they are all for sweets from a foreign land. Hmmm.

Wait outside Nenrinya (at Matsuzakaya department store) for Baumkuchen.

Manneken for belgian waffels.

The best one: Krispy Kreme (which even has its own Japanese webpage). Check out the sign- the wait is fucking 30 minutes!!! These people are so crazy. They give you donuts in line while you wait- doesn't that defy the entire purpose of the wait???

The 5 minute "express" line is for those who don't have any donut preferences, in which case they just give you a mixed bag. Are there any Krispy Kremes left in NYC??? If they knew that there weren't, I'm not so sure they would be in this line.

Don't ask me how any of these sweets tasted- there is no way in hell I would ever wait in this kind of line for ANYTHING. Besides maybe tickets to see Bjork.


  • I love baumkuchen!! Omg I am shocked that you wouldn’t wait in line…I’ve waited for a table at Olive Garden before…

    Sonja on

  • anon: most japanese people think americans are insane for eating cloyingly sweet desserts.

    but, yes, japanese people are crazy about lines. a seriously bored people.

    Anonymous on

  • I’ve noticed that a majority of the desserts/pastries/sweets in Japan aren’t….sweet. It’s really a strange phenomenon. You will see something in a display case that looks like it should be sickeningly sweet and it mostly just tastes like cardboard. That might be partly why the lines for “western” desserts are so long – they actually taste like sugar!

    Anonymous on

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