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Got into Osaka yesterday, where we've been doing all sorts of eating: Street eating. Walking 5 more steps and eating some more, eating. Oh, I'll have one of those! eating. Ok, this is my last order, I swear, eating.

You get the picture.

We're staying right next to Dotonbori- a single street that is at once wildly seedy, flashy and rambunctious. Think of the first time you went to Times Square, and multiply by 100. The food signage alone is out of control. Here are some highlights:


A service that suggests where you should go eat! Coupon rack out front.

Chicken at Bird Land, anyone?

Picture menu on the facade:

Ramen on tatami:

Fugu baloon:

Glico, think Japan's equivalent to Nabisco cookie manufacturing, is proudly based in Osaka.



  • Dotombori is still pretty seedy.

    I didnt like that takoyaki place you took a picture of too much.

    Ricky on

  • so what did you eat??
    kushiage special in osaka??

    fuminatto on

  • Was there Kuidaore-ningyo back in Dotonbori (Heard now there was a movement the locals were trying to have him back…Is that true?)
    Or, if you pigged out so much, maybe they could have hired you as kudaore-gal as new landmark there…

    Aya on

  • Hey I was just in this area last week. Went to the Doguya-suji area and bought a few Japanese knives and a grill for yakitori. Wish I had more time. Just left before the momiji was starting to come around. Not enough time to try all the eating and also not enough room in my stomach. Heh.

    TheLostTraveler on

  • There was an article on NYT mag over the weekend on Osaka.

    Yamahomo on

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