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Since moving to California, I've become a bit of a drunk. I'm not sure if it's out of boredom of living in Cupertino, in the house I grew up in, right across the street from my high school. It could be that I'm almost 30 and living with my parents. Or maybe that I'm single and totally not getting any love from these fine Silicon Valley men. Oh, I know, it's because I bus tables for a living.

So why the hell shouldn't I have a drink in the middle of the day? I deserve it!!! The Europeans have it right- they drink wine with their lunch and then take a nap. GENIUS.

I've adapted this practice into my own humble Cupertino life. I have a glass of rose or Sauvignon Blanc with my meal at noon, and I no longer feel guilty about it. I've completely embraced drinking mid-day, it's awesome.

So how awesome was it when I discovered this recipe in the new Food and Wine, by Babbo pastry chef Gina DePalma: RED WINE SPAGHETTI. I felt like my prayers had been answered from the gods. I mean, why not double up on my daily alcohol intake by adding wine to my pasta water?? Makes perfect sense to me.

Add red wine to water. Recipe says 5 cups water to 3 cups wine. I made this just for myself though so just estimated and put in about 1/3 wine to 2/3 water.


Bring to boil. Add pasta.


Drain. Looks like soba noodles!!!


I sauteed with sausages (of course) and roasted peppers and garlic, adding parmesan and ground pepper in the end.


How did this taste?? Honestly, it tasted just like regular pasta. Jud-san had commented that he thought this seemed like a waste of wine, and it sorta is. I guess if you have bad wine lying around, this would be a way to subtlely add a different layer of flavor. The alcohol flavor.

At the end of the day though, if I had a decent bottle of wine, I wouldn't pour half of it into a pot to boil pasta. I'll drink it straight from my glass, thanks. CHIN CHIN!!!


  • Props to you for trying this! This is one of those recipes that you want to try because it sounds like it could be the best epiphany ever… Really great to have someone test drive it for you. Thanks K!

    yoko on

  • I totally agree with you. That's what prevented me from trying to make this!

    I didn't want to waste my yummy wine either! :)

    Ambitious on

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