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Thanks to Serious Eats and some masterful googling skills, I came up with what will be served at the Inaugural Luncheon tomorrow after Obama is sworn in as the 44th President of the US- HOLLA!!!

A BRACE OF AMERICAN BIRDS, anyone? The menu doesn't knock my socks off, but I would kill for a seat. Couldn't they get Wylie D. in there to work some foam into the menu? Baby steps. All wines from California, though- Represent!

Lunch will be held at the National Statuary Hall, a rotunda room filled with sculptures of important historical figures, and is usually a meeting place for the House of Representatives.

First course will be served on this china, which are replicas from the Lincoln presidency.

Don't choke on any pheasant bones, Barack! We need you healthy and strong for the next 4 years (let's go for 8!). Most importantly though- what will you be having for dinner???

Images provided by the Architect of the Capitol and the official 2009 Inauguration website. Download the PDF of all recipes, including the Bird Brace, here.

*Word just in that the recipes page is the most visited webpage of the entire Inauguration website.


  • Yes! Martha demonstrated some of the recipes yesterday on her show. (You can even download Lincoln’s china pattern from her website to decorate your own place settings. Is it pathetic that I actually considered doing that?) Last night we went shopping for the duck/chutney/sweet potato part of the meal. We’ll see how far we get…so far, chutney has been accomplished. I don’t know WTD to do with duck.

    Jones on

  • ah- the menu makes so much sense now.

    can you blog the chutney and potats? that would be great!

    kayoko on

  • P.S. I heard that they tried to incorporate Lincoln’s favorite foods, as well as foods that may have been eaten back then. That would explain the lack of foam, and why they chose the most boring dessert ever.

    Jones on

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