Sake Gumi

My buddy Tom and I had been talking about going to the infamous Leg of a Beast at Incanto for a very long time. One lazy afternoon while bbqing outside we decided to call and make the reservation. Incanto's Leg of Beast includes the preparation of an entire beef shank with all the delicious tendon and marrow in several courses and serves 6-8 people for $200.

About 30 minutes after I called in to make the reservation the chef personally called me and made some suggestions on what else to order since our party was for 10 guys, and we also wanted to try some other things on the menu.

He suggested we start with the antipasto platter of delicious sliced meats and went on to make many more suggestions of which I remember none because I immediately started daydreaming about the whole meal.

Country terrine, dates, pistachio, pickled ramps & grilled bread... awesome.


Antipasto platter: squash, eggplant, roasted garlic, mortadella, some type of prosciutto, spreadable salami on grilled bread (tremendous) and porchetta di testa.


Summer melons, Boccalone lardo, chili & mint.


Oxtail ravioli, oysters, crème fraîche & tarragon.


Potato gnocchi, sweet corn, sunflower sprouts & opal basil- these were probably the best gnocchi I ever had.


Cauliflower cooked in duck fat.


Cannellini beans with beef tendon and pork cheeks.


Leg of Bull (This thing was a monstrosity and amazing).


Marrow, or what Incanto refers to as God's Butter! They split the bone in half lengthwise so you have access to all the marrow! It was ridiculous! I could have died there and been happy. The marrow had so much flavor and there was SOOOOOOOOO much of it!!! For me the highlight of the meal.


Carnage! 10 of us put all that away, but after a meal like that, who can say no to dessert.


Prosciutto panna cotta, melon & maple (my favorite dessert).


Ginger cookie & Douglas fir ice cream sandwich.


Flourless chocolate cake, hazelnuts & coffee ice cream.


Strawberry sorbetto & basil seeds.


The End.

This was easily one of the best meals of my life. It's very hard for me to pick my favorite parts but if I had to pick a top 3 it would be God's Butter, the spreadable salami (first to ever be imported to the US), and the gnocchi. Service was perfect for us as well- I liked that our server didn't try to recommend some super expensive bottles of wine, as often happens in other places.

And the fact that the chef called and recommended the anti-pasta platter as a starter to give us, "A nice base of meat to prepare for the shank," was brilliant. For the experience we got I feel like it was a hell of a deal. When we were done we had all the wine we could drink, and all the dishes for less than $100 per head!

If you are ever in SF and are up for it send me a message because I would gladly go again. I hear they will also prepare an entire pig. Next time...


1550 Church St
Between 28th & Duncan Streets
San Francisco, CA
T: 415.641.4500