Sake Gumi
Halfway through our lunch at Interlude, Jack turned to me and said, "I think this may be the best meal I've ever had". I had to agree. We both said that our meal at The Core Club in NYC last year was right up there, but this was AMAZING.

There's no doubt about it...Interlude is fine dining. The service was perfect. Friendly and refined. Renald, the restaurant's very knowledgeable sommelier who hails from France selected an impeccable array of wines to go with each course of our tasting menu and answered all our questions with eloquence.

The chef did things with vegetables and soy for my vegetarian palette that were not only surprising, but delicious and beautifully presented. Each large white plate was like a canvas- carefully composed with thoughtful attention to color, shape, form and texture. It is clear that executive Chef Robin Wickens thinks outside the box. The contemporary French cuisine that his kitchen creates was both innovative and delicious. I'm no restaurant critic, but I can say that I have never had a vegetarian meal with flavors quite like that.

Walking by Interlude on the hip and fashionable stretch of Brunswick Street, you may not realize what a treasure lies inside! If you happen to pass by, you must stop in.

The exterior of the restaurant:

They have a fabulous selection of cognac:

Cookie dessert with lavender (I think?- I didn't get to try this one):

They have a small collection of specially blown glass carafes for their wine:

I tried the (garlic?) foam that accompanied this fish dish and loved it!

211 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy, VIC
T: +61 3 9415 7300