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My mama brought home a bag of biwa the other day, the Japanese word for the fruit loquat. I guess her friend has a biwa tree in her yard- have you ever heard of them? They are these darling little apricot-like things that grow in clusters. Look at this one small branch!


A bit of a pain to eat- the skin is really thick and hairy. Best to peel back and get to the fruit. Unfortunately the pits are huge, but the fruit itself is truly juicy and sweet.


Wiki says that the seeds contain traces of cyanide! KILLER!


Also according to Wiki, Japan is the largest producer of Biwa, although it's Chinese in origin. The Chinese use the fruit to soothe sore throats as well.


  • how funny, k. i totally had one of these while i was in the bay area! some friends of friends brought them to the beach and i tasted one and thought, what a sweet, tart, peculiar little fruit.

    youcannotbeserious on

  • That batch of Biwa looks especially tasty!

    There a ton of fruits that contain cyanide (apples, mangoes, peaches, etc). It sort of works as a natural pesticide. Some theories suggest that we started farming cyanide containing fruits back in the prehistoric years because they were more resistant to pests so easier to farm.

    E on

  • I used to have one in the backyard of my childhood home. Their was an opossum family that would always hang out in it. What a lucky family they were.

    yoko on

  • They are certainly peculiar!

    E, thanks for all the juicy info! So much to learn…

    kayoko on

  • also, there was this today in the times:

    jenny on

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