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For those who are itching to go to Japan but can’t afford the trip or don’t have the patience for that 14-hour flight,  Japan Society is offering the next best thing: j-CATION!  It's a 12 hour mini experience of Japan and Japanese culture without leaving NYC.  From  game show-style contests, music, film, and a variety of entertaining and educational activities and workshops, the entire day is focused on our favorite topic, Japanese food.

In Clash of the Foodies, the j-style live game show, our money is on THE TASTE BUDS, Umamimart's own Paystyle, James of The Eaten Path, Yvo the Feisty Foodie and Mary the Puff & Choux, but pro wrestler extraordinaire Queen of Squeeze Amazon Annie & Her Lobos Locas and cabaret superstars Our Hit Parade with Herb of Kiki & Herb look like fierce competitors.

Hotdog-eating champion Takeru Kobayashi and Brooklyn-based dream pop band Asobi Seksu round out the fun-filled festival. Don’t forget workshops for Crash Course Japanese, Japanese calligraphy, Furoshiki (the original eco-friendly reusable packaging) and Japanese tea and sweets.

Date: Saturday, April 10th from 1pm to 1am

Location: Japan Society
333 East 47th Street
Between 1st and 2nd Avenues

Suggested donation: $5

For more info, visit the website.


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