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Greetings from Down Under! I am in Australia, spending a few weeks in Melbourne and having a great time.

There are all kinds of funny little wordy differences here:

'capsicum' means ' bell / chili pepper'
how are you going? = how are you doing?
long black = regular coffee
opportunity shop = thrift shop
rocket = arugula
barrack = root (I barrack for the Mets)
corriander = cilantro (can you pick me up a fresh bunch of corriander?)
lemonade = Sprite or 7up (if you want a '7 & 7', order a 'lemonade and 7')

But one of my favorites is the "Jam Doughnut" (jelly here means "jello"). Doughnut trucks on the street in Melbourne during the winter are like Mr. Frosty trucks in NYC in the summer. It's cold here now, so it's quite a treat to stroll up to a truck and get a warm little round goodie to sink your teeth into. These little sugar coated gems are filled with berry jam and are about $1 each (or 6 for $5). Delicious!



  • Super delicious! I’d even eat them in the summer.

    Jeff on

  • G’Day Mate!

    Yamahomo on

  • mmm fresh donuts from a truck. genius.

    so weird to think that you’re all bundled up in a scarf and cap right now- but these donuts are keeping you warm, i’m sure!

    love the little glossary of terms, Er!

    kayoko on

  • Hello Erin; My foodie niece; It was nice to see your doughnut truck expierience from Down-under, Simply put your dad and I and uncles as children used to enjoy the Helm’s truck coming into our neighborhood every saturday morning to sell doughnuts and other goodies including home baked breads and yes candies of the choosing. your expierience brought back the tastbud memorioes of my childhood! Thanks, Auntie ’Reen.

    Maureen Gleeson on

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