Holiday Gift Guide
This is great. My colleague Miho told me about it. The deal is, you sign up for an e-mail subscription that this farm, Nihon Yasai, sends every weekend, and order mixed vegetable box for $30 plus shipping, or you can get individual vegetables to be delivered on Thursday.

Daikon was 20 inches long, thicker than a butternut squash, and came with the leaves. Daikon leaves are the best part of it, saute it, pickle it, almost arugula-like and mustard-ish, peppery. Such a versatile vegetable, but it's never available in the US.

Look at this. The box came with: Japanese eggplants (6), Japanese cucumbers (4), Japanese green peppers (bunch), mini tomato (so sweet, could be better than Sun Gold), Shungiku or Garland Chrysanthemum, Shiso, Tokyo scallion (very large version of scallion, a lot softer than regular scallion), Shishito (sweet green pepper), Fuki (Butterbur). All this for $30!

You can't specify what's in the box, so it's like a surprise gift. I don't think I will order every week, but this is definitely fun to do time to time.


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