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For my birthday, Kuni, my dad, handed me this box. A new diamond necklace, perhaps? Um, there is no way in hell that would EVER happen- I'm not even sure my mom has gotten anything of that sort since the wedding ring, uh, THIRTY YEARS AGO.

So what was inside? Something better than diamonds, for sure. TA-DA!
Isn't she gorgeous? I've named her Dokin-chan, after my favorite character in the Japanese cartoon Anpan Man. Just to give you an idea of how long this knife is, here's a pen besides it.
Kuni is a sushi chef, and slices through fish flesh for a living, so he knows his stuff when it comes to knives. What I really wanted was HIS knife, which has the family name engraved in it from Tsukiji, but I'll hold out on stealing that until he retires. Hands off, little brother, it's mine!

This one is from a Japanese company called MAC Knife. It's light, sharp as all hell, and has an easy grip. After using a crooked knife for years that couldn't even cut through a tomato, this one is a godsend. Kuni even sharpened it for me, and it slices through sheets of paper. It's a beautiful thing.

I don't like to have different knives for chopping different foods- small knives for peeling fruits and big cleavers for meats and then another for carving out intricate flowers and animals?? No thanks. I think that one good knife should be able to do everything. Gotta keep it simple in the kitchen.

Some porn shots of Dokin-chan- she's so graceful!:
Anyone who wants to break into my place for my designer toys better think twice now. Ok, that's creepy- fine, you can take the toys. But not the knife!!!

For more info on Kuni, go here. Super schill!


  • awesome knife. so psyched to go to sushi kuni this weekend. that chirashi looks amazing! maji hara hetta…

    kiwa on

  • I would think the name would be Mac the Knife.

    Anyways, drool.

    tmonkey on

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