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My friend and co-worker Kamaboko recently went on a jaunt around Spain, with a detour in Paris, with her hubby Jmura. This was a very special trip-- Kamoboko was seeing an old friend in Murcia (southwest of Valencia) who she hadn't seen in over ten years, AND she's about to become a mother next month! So this would be the last trip her and Jmura take together, just the two of them, for a long time.

Here is a picture book of her eats and food sightings about town during her holiday in Spain. She told me she took these photos with Umami Mart in mind, while she was in Murcia and Granada. Clearly she had a wonderful time-- she was eating for two!!! That's twice the fun!

Kamaboko cuddles up with Rodin.

Awesome pics Kama-chan, thanks for sharing! Posted by Kayoko.


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