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Mardi Gras Madness (NOLA)

Walking through the French Quarter during Mardi Gras, I saw this really huge purple and orange sign, sparkling from blocks away. When I got closer, a cute boy was pushing a cart, with fake boxes of ice cream and glass bottles of booze. Onlookers, who seemed more like locals, kept stopping him to take his picture. What's this all about? I wondered.

Turns out he dressed up as K&B, a defunct drug store chain that was headquarted in New Orleans. According to Wiki, they had their own line of ice cream (Creole Cream Cheese!!!), liquor, and even beer. It would be the equivalent of Thrifty's, for us Californians (both bought out by Rite Aid! Oh, corporate America).

By the excitement this guy created just walking down the street, this was clearly a big deal to the locals-- K&B represents for them the microcosm of NOLA's unique past: the town, its history, its culture. At this moment, I realized that New Orleans operates in its own little bubble.

This is my last NOLA post. SAD! I love that town so so much, and I encourage everyone to visit, at least once in their lifetime. The food, the people, the life! Thank you for such a memorable time.

Check out the all my NOLA and Mardi Gras pics here. Don't miss The Cock and Baby Penis. [flickr album=72157623322710805 num=30 size=Thumbnail]


  • Sara, this was my first time back since 2002, and stayed in Algiers again which is across the river. It honestly didn’t feel too different there, or in the city center, although I didn’t venture out much more than that. The level of hospitality and warmth still emanated from the locals, and everyone was in great spirits. That said, the Saints just won the Super Bowl, and it was Mardi Gras, after all.

    I love it so much there and have always wanted to live there. There is a slight chance I will be there for two months in the Fall— if I do, you must come visit.

    kayoko on

  • i can’t believe i’ve never been to NOLA. my dad went to LSU and my parents spent a lot of time in New Orleans….I was supposed to spend two nights there on a cross country trip, but a week before we left NY, hurricane Katrina hit. Did you feel like the city was a lot different post-hurricane?

    Great pics btw!

    saaara on

  • OMG!!! That is the most AWESOME K&B costume ever!! The only thing is he missed one little detail, the cart should be K&B purple, but he is forgiven due to his awesome recreation of the old Canal St. sign. Thanks for posting a pic of a local icon, of course it’s a big deal!

    Jude on

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