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One of the best ad campaigns I have seen in Japan is for Kewpie's Tarako (Cod Roe) Pasta Sauce. These ads have been running for the past three years and have created a branding craze for Kewpie dolls dressed up as tarako.

Check out these ads bordering on creepy and kawaii (cute).



  • Cod roe pasta sauce sounds like a pledging haze.

    Andrew B. on

  • Hahaha!! Actually, it’s really delicious. It definitely doesn’t sound good when “tarako” is translated into English as “cod roe” though. I must agree with you on that. But seriously, names aside, next time you find yourself in a Japanese grocery store, try it. The Italians eat pasta with caviar, which is pretty much the same concept.
    If you do try it, your friends will be impressed or disgusted and at least it will make for some good dinnertime conversation.

    yoko on

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