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As you may have read from earlier, my friend Khoi was in town yesterday and we basically ate and drank all day. Umm, it's 3pm now and yup, I'm still hungover. LOSER.

So back to the Food Marathon. Met back up with Khoi and his friend ("and coworker") George at The Modern for a fancy drink at around 5pm (I never left the museum). Who knew that it's the hip afterwork hangout for suits? The place was packed! Poor Khoi- I insisted that he change out of his suit when he was done with his convention, but he was the odd man out in his Flight of the Concords tshirt at the Modern. HA!!! But Khoi actually reminds me of Jemaine, so it was kinda perfect.

George had a plane to catch at 9pm, and around 6:30pm, started grumbling about being hungry. Eek! Not much time. So I suggested the Burger Joint a few blocks up. Perfect!

The Burger Joint is a totally nondescript little dive inside the posh Le Parker Meridien hotel. You would NEVER guess that this little gem could exist there. You walk into the hotel and through lobby- but it's truly hidden behind a row of flowy velvet red curtains. Even though I've been there dozens of times, I still had to ask where it was- the entrance is so easy to miss!

What's that light in the distance?

Still can't see, it's blurry...

Ah, there it is!!! (Took me so many aperture trials to get this photo.)

You walk through the red curtains and this is what you find:

It's laid back, a little honkytonk, good music, pitchers of beers on tap. This white brick wall literally has hundreds of signatures of celebrities from around the world that have stopped in. Shirley and I have have a few sightings ourselves- the last time we were there we saw Carlos Santana!
The burger is hands down, in my opinion, one of the best in the city. As George put it, it's smokin'. Literally.
The burger wasn't rare enough for me, which was a bummer- but still delicious. George said that it's one of the best he had EVER HAD! That's some pretty high praise. We put it on par with In-n-Out. Their fries are also excellent, although I didn't get a pic.

At $7, I think they raised the prices of the cheeseburger, but really worth it. But add it all up and it gets pretty pricey: 3 burgers, 1 order of fries, a pitcher of beer and a coke was $40. That's a bit much. But I guess just for the novelty of the location, it's worth it.

And now, a word from the artist formerly known as Puff Daddy aka Puffy aka...

Up next: hot servers, loud techno music and ceviche at Sushi Samba.

Burger Joint

Entrances on 56th & 57th Streets
Between 6th & 7th Avenues
T: 212.708.7414

FYI- I am just reading on Midtown Lunch that you can call in, order your burger and skip the hellish line once you get there. Sweet!


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